Friday, November 6, 2009

November's Limited Edition Kit @ MCS

Oh la la!! My Creative Scrapbook sure keeps me up to date with the newest goodies...and lots of them!! This is what I created with the November Limited Edition Kit.

5: Another photos of my sister's wedding last summer...just us sisters.

I Love This Girl: I had lots of fun with glimmer mist again on this layout. I didn't have much luck getting the layout to flatten out after my heavy application of Glimmer Mist. I'm going to give Maya Mist a try instead because my scrappy pals have told me that it's more concentrated so you don't need nearly as much. Less spray means less page warping. The Maya Mist doesn't have the shimmer that the Glimmer mist does but I'm willing to give that up for flat pages :)

And yet another altered jar (yes my house is covered in these)


JJ Sobey said...

Again - beautiful work!

5 sisters? Holy crap - in our house, someone wouldn't have made it to adulthood... (just 2 girls in our family and we nearly killed each other, LOL!)

Jenni said...

That kit looks divine!

Michelle said...

Beautiful kit, and beautiful layout!!!!

JennV said...

I love that "5" that you did on the first layout. Did you use Martha Stewart glitter? I always love your work and have noticed that you use glitter a lot. Do you have any tips on keeping the glitter to stay? Thanks so much!

Beautiful work as usual. ;)

Luz Maria Bruna said...

Wow you rocked this kit!!!