Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh Boy!!! A mini album to share

I know it's been a while!! I have been really busy with a very sick family but everyone seems to be coming around now. I have been scrapping but they are items that I can't post just yet..some work for CHA, publications and MCS July. I do have this mini album to share with you today. I made it back in April for my sister's birthday. She is a full time mom, student plus she works so even though she loves scrapbooks, it is not on her list of top priorities. I made this little album to show off the photos of her little man in his 4th year. You know me, it's a stretch to be doing something so boyish... I swear I would have done this album in pinks if I could have gotten away with it ;)

This album is definitely an album on a budget. I bought this Basic Grey chipboard album on clearance at Michaels for less than $2 and the Cosmo Cricket Get Happy paper I picked up a dollar store for $2.50 for the whole 8x8 pad ...SCORE !!

This was a little list of questions that my sister asked her LM. She typed out his responses exactly how he answered her (how cute!) and then she had them posted on her facebook. I printed them and put them on the inside cover of the album so she would always have them.
This is a photo that I already scrapped on a full page but I knew that she would love to have in this mini for her LM.

The cousins on little stinky skunk is in

The rocket ship is a clear element from fancy pants. I used a Zig Photo Pen to doodle around the edges so it would show up better.

Who says you can't use flowers for boys!?!

My sister and her LM :)

Another photo that I already scrapped full sized on a layout for Larissa.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ATG 714 - the good, the bad and the pretty

I bought my refill tape as a box of 12 which came like this:

What is an ATG?

I haven't bought any scrapbook supplies since April 18. This is by far the longest that I have gone without buying new scrappy supplies...not that I am left wanting. My craft room has enough paper and embellies to keep me going for a decade (or maybe more)!

The one exception to the buying freeze has been the purchase of an ATG 714. What is an ATG 714 you ask? Well, if you haven't heard of this beast, let me tell you, it is by far one of the best scrappy purchase I have ever made. ATG stands for Adhesive Transfer Gun. The 714 model dispenses 1/4 inch double sided (very sticky) tape. There is a also another model that comes in yellow that dispenses 1/2 inch tape.

Why I purchased the ATG 714:

So why did I buy this? Well, getting the proper adhesive has long been a problem for me. Living on a small Island limits adhesive choices and it is very overpriced. I have tried the Pioneer tabs with the annoying little blue tabs on the back, the Herma Vario tabs that just don't hold up good enough for me, the plan ole glue stick which is ok but a little messy, time consuming and not strong enough for certain elements. I LOVE Terrifcally Tacky Tape but it is very pricey and the only place around here that sells it is Michaels so it costs double (or more) than it should.

The first thing I did was read a lot online reviews. Then I did some price comparisons. The best price I could find was here but it is a company that ships within the United States only. A further search led me to here which is the best price that I could find within Canada. I purchased the ATG 714, 12 rolls of 1/4 inch 36 yards adhesive and shipping for $115.00. Now, that sounds like an enormous up front cost but the ATG 714 pays for itself in that first purchase. The 12 rolls of that I bought is over 400 yards of adhesive!!!! I am very heavy on adhesive for my projects but even still, I know that it will last me for some time to come.

My ATG 714 arrived within days of my online purchase. I couldn't wait to rip open that box, load up the adhesive and give it a whirl!! In my excitement, I couldn't really figure out how to load the first roll of tape so instead of reading the instructions I hollered to DH to come put it together for me. It only took him a few seconds to load the tape and we were ready to roll. Last night I had to do a refill by myself but it was no problem at all b/c there is a little diagram inside of the case that was really easy to follow.

I had read online that it can take a little time to get used to how to handle the ATG 714 but I must say that it came very naturally to me. I could put the adhesive precisely where I wanted it right away. The adhesive is good and strong. Not as strong as Terrifically Tacky Tape as some reviews would suggest but still very good quality...much better than any photo tab I have ever used. The one con that I can see with the ATG 714 is that left handed people may have a little more trouble using it. I am ambidextrous so that isn't an issue for me. Also, the reviews said that when you used the ATG on a layout be sure that you don't want to move anything after the fact... I didn't find this to be true. Most things I could pry apart if I was very careful unless I was working with really cheap or thin paper.

in summary

the Pros
  • cheaper and better adhesive
  • refills last a long time b/c they are 36 yards
  • easy to handle (despite how it looks!)
  • you will never misplace an ATG on your desk!
  • eliminates searching/traveling to get more adhesive
the Cons:
  • you may have trouble using it if you are left handed
  • some people may not like the size
  • upfront cost to purchase the ATG

Altered ATGs

Here are some photos that I have found in various spots on the internet of people showing off their altered ATGs cool are these!?! I was trying to decide if I wanted to alter my ATG or not. At first I thought I didn't really want to but then there were a couple of examples I found that I really liked so I think that when I have the time, I will alter it. My favourite ones are the last two photos posted here. I love the soft, pretty look to these. I especially love that for the most part, they left the frosted side as is so you can still see how much tape you have left in the dispenser.

Link to this altered ATG
Link to this altered ATG

Link to this altered ATG

Notice that this person wrapped ribbon around the handle :)

Link to this altered ATG

Lovin the metallic paint here

This person even has a stand for their ATG! This is the 1/2 inch model and it comes in this yellow. She added the rub-ons etc and then covered in it modge podge.

And last but not least, my two favourites:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Upsy Daisy Designs - CHA Summer 09

Oh my, the fun is beginning again. It's almost time for another CHA. Upsy Daisy Designs have just posted their 4 new lines... I can't wait to get working with these!

Enchanted will surely enchant you! This line takes the color of the upcoming fall/winter season, purple, and creates a beautiful canvas for your creativity. An Upsy Daisy first, this line has been printed on a textured cardstock giving it an impressive feel as well as look!

Autumn is a favorite season of us here at Upsy Daisy so we are thrilled to bring you this fall inspired line, A Walk in the Park. So pull out all your back to school, pumpkin patch and apple picking photos, and take A Walk in the Park with Upsy Daisy! The great earth tones mean this line has a lot of flexibility and its use is only limited by your imagination!

A New Day is a fresh, fun, unisex line that would lend itself well to almost any occasion. It also has a patriotic feel, so one can easily imagine Canada Day or Independence Day pages!

Man About Town II extends our wildly popular Man About Town line; keeping three of the most popular designs from the original line with the spice of nine new designs!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiny dreamer...another baby layout

Here is yet another baby layout that I created with kraft cardstock and Basic Grey's Procelain and Bittersweet collections. I really love mixing those two lines together. I used my American Crafts blush lullaby Thickers (again!). To get the die cut shape in the middle of layout, I traced a sheet of die cut pattern paper from the Making Memories Cloe collection (8x8). If you look closely you can see that I journaled around the die cut shape. This is my little Larissa just a couple of days old :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another baby page....

Here is another baby layout of Missy Larissy featuring Making Memories die cut paper and Basic Porcelain. The large floral sticker and journaling sticker are both by American Crafts. The large floral piece was very hard to work's big, floppy and uber sticky!! In the end, I love how it turned out. I'm still working on that same package of American Craft Blush Lullaby Thickers. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Creative Scrapbook - Limited Edition f/ BG Wisteria

Purple - Yes, it's purple but despite the fact that it is purple - I LOVE IT!! Basic Grey's Wisteria has me totally won over. The deep purples with the beautiful blues and greens is a total winner in my book. My Creative Scrapbook's June Limited Edition kit features Wisteria with a host of other yummy goodies like a Prima butterfly, lots of ribbons and Prima Flowers.

Every time Larissa picks up dandelion seeds (aka 'wishes') she closes her eyes and whispers "I wish for cookies" before she blows the fluff away. I guess cookies are the best thing that her 4 year old mind can fathom. I love that innocence.

Je T'aime (I Love You) And here is a mini star album that I made as my altered project for this kit.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Creative Scrapbook - Main Kit f/ Lilly Bee

It's here!!! The main kit for June has been revealed at My Creative Scrapbook!! Ooooh la la!!! I LOVE this kit...I love all their kits! They have an amazing talent for putting the best products together. This month featured papers from LILLY BEE!!!! I was very excited because I have been wanting the Lilly Bee French Couture collection since I first saw it online. Check out what the gals on the MCS DT have created this month.

Take my hand: This is Larissa & I at my sisters wedding last summer.

This kit has the most gorgeous brads ever! I used them in the centre of this Petaloo flower.
This larger flower was made by folding a piece of pattern paper in an accordion style and then gluing it together in a circle topped with lace, stickles, brown cardstock and then a Petaloo flower.
Picnic (in the front yard) Larissa wanted to have a picnic so badly one day that we dressed up in warm sweaters and headed out. We were supposed to go for a walk and eat 'by the river' as she calls it. (it's really just a little brook) She was so excited by the time we got out the door that she wanted to spread the blanket out and eat right there in the front yard LOL. I let her choose the menu....peanut butter sandwiches! Life is simple when you are four ;)

And here is the little star book that I did for an altered project. I thought this would a great little place to have a photo of each of the cousins for this year :)

It's crazy but this kit is already SOLD OUT!!! If you want to get on the list for these amazing kits, you should sign up right away so you won't be missing out.