Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode to Hello Kitty

Hey scrappers,

I know it's been a while since I have updated. I got the growling call from my sister to tell me to get on the ball ;) Time has been just flying and I haven't done much scrappy stuff this week at all. I will have oodles of work to share with you next week.

For now, a layout that I did a while back. Hello Kitty holds a special little spot in our hearts. My sister gave Larissa this purse last summer and it goes everywhere Larissa goes (including to bed). The straps have broken off several times and I have spent many an evening sewing them back on. I did this layout so when she was older she could look back a remember one of her most treasured items (at least at the ripe ole age of 4! lol)

The white swirls are the backing off Prima Voila felts. They came with the edges stained brown like that which I really liked. It is really really hard to adhere to your page but it's the stick-resistant backing which is made specifically to resist adhesives.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring Scrappers!

OK, two posts today because I just realized it was the first day of Spring! You would never ever guess it by looking outside.... in fact, I am going to grab my camera right now and run outside and show you just how un-springy it is here in little Prince Edward Island.

Alrighty, I am back from my little run outside. It's still very cold here (about -6 celsius today with a forecast of about -15 tomorrow with the wind chill)

Larissa's backyard swing set:
At least the snow is slowly melting...this is the first time we have seen the pavement in our driveway since November and it probably won't be completely gone until the end of April...maybe even May. Let's just say that Easter egg hunts are never held outside on PEI! LOL

On to less snowy things... Here are a few Spring layouts to share that are already in my gallery but most haven't been posted on my blog before. The 'spring' photos in these layouts are mostly photos that were taken in June..that's when things start to look pretty around here.

Be Happy: One of Larissa's favourite sayings is "BE HAPPY" when she seems that someone is upset or not smiling. I took this photo in a field of dandelions last June.

My daughter and nephew (Keaton) last spring...the sequence of photos is soooo cute....1st - she is crying and he won't share his Diego umbrella 2nd - he looks over to us grownups to ask 'do I really have to' and she is still crying 3rd - he very reluctantly shares his Diego umbrella... awwwww Journaling: Keaton didn't want to share his umbrella but after he saw how upset Larissa was he felt bad and decided to share. *A friend is someone who shares their umbrella when it is raining *

Oh my goodness...she looks so little in this photo. I have a feeling I am going to spend the next 20 years or so saying 'oh she is so little in this photo... where has time gone?'

And this layout can be found in the Spring volume of Canadian Scrapbooker. I used to have this layout on my blog but I took it off for publication.

It's all about the moon

It appears that my daughter has a slight obsession with the moon. I have scrapbooked a few layouts about the cute things she has said about the moon and I have a few more to do still.

This is not a new layout. I actually made it well over a year ago but I just wanted to include it along with another 'moon' layout.

Here is the journaling so you'll understand the title.

(setting...a couple Sunday's ago driving home from Grammy''s dark out...and my almost 3 year says.....)

Larissa: Momma, where the moon go?
Mom: It's right there in the sky.
Larissa: That the moon Momma?
Mom: Yes baby, it's not full tonight, it's a 1/4 moon (crescent)
Larissa: Oh. Where the moon's eyes go Momma?
Mom: Eyes? The moon doesn't have eyes baby. (laughing)
Larissa: YES!!! The moon have eyes! The moon have brown eyes Momma.

Gotta love how a toddler sees the world. I just loved that conversation so much that I wrote it down as soon as I got home.

It makes the moon happy:
Journaling: It was a warm November afternoon and the moon was already in the danced outside in your tutu and said “Let’s dance for the makes the moon happy”. So together we danced for the November moon. 2008

Mostly Prima goodies used here :)
Believing, never forgetting....

This was a really fun, girly/romantic-ish layout that I made using mostly Prima supplies. I did some journaling on the side:
I have had a lot of inquires about this cute little bird. He is a cut out from a children's book that I bought second hand. I keep a couple old books in my craft room and use the images as embellies.

For the title of the layout, I used a Prima Paintable and coloured the back of it with a pink photo marker.

Monday, March 16, 2009

{sort of} new work

Here is some work that I did between Christmas and New Years that I hadn't posted.

Girly Girl: Mostly Pink Paislee goodies used here :) This is Larissa all dressed up to go play on her swing set.

Clink Clink Clink... this is my sister Jocelyne and her husband on their wedding day... the title comes from the clinking of the glasses that everyone does to make the Bride & Groom kiss (which the Bride & Groom hated by the way LOL) Mostly Prima goodies used here :)

Fashion Sense: This is my little fashion diva. We were going for a stroll last fall and she insisted on dressing herself. The result: Pink Uggs, a purple tutu and a sweater..LOL. I used my beloved Hambly transparencies on this.
Time 2 get ready: This is my sister on her wedding day, getting her little flower girls ready. Larissa was one of her flower girls. The funny part of this day was the little girls were both wearing skirts and when we got them ready for the wedding, we somehow left both of their skirts on underneath their dresses and never noticed until just before we walked down the aisle...LOL. We quickly pulled the skirts off before we entered the ceremony and made the mother of bride carry the skirts around in her purse :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pink, Red & Green...give it a try

Have you ever combined pink, red & green on a layout....if you haven't, you should give it a go! I love this colour combo. I did this for February work for Paws on Scrapbooking.

Journaling reads: It is so cute to watch my little girl reading to her little horsey and kitty...story time fun!

This photo is from last my how this wee one has grown by leaps and bounds since then.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

some new work

Hey scrappers...sorry to leave you so long without new work! During a recent ice storm a power surge burnt out the RAM on our computer so we were waiting for some new RAM to arrive via Canada Post. We had the old Dell online for the interim but all my projects were on the good computer and I wasn't keen on moving stuff around for the sake of a week or so.

Here's my newest. I made these two layouts with the February layout kit at Paws on Scrapbooking. Tracey did a FABULOUS job putting this kit together. Did you know that this is the very first kit I have ever bought!?! I just had to have it with the graphic printed paper and this awesome template....who could resist!?!

I had so much fun making this layout (based on the layout Tracey made for the kit) that I made two of them! This is Larissa just a couple of weeks ago, stylin it up with her Hello Kitty purse & sunglasses, baby pink Ugg boots and a whole lotta attitude. I pulled out the Martha Stewart glitter again (Tourmaline & Brownstone). The snowflakes accents are by Bazzill & Basic Grey.

And this is another cousins layout. Larissa's best friends are her cousins so I do oodles of layout about them together. The pom pom trim around the edges is by Bazzill... I used up my whole stash of brown pom poms so now I have to score some more!

And remember, if you want to see better details just click on the photo for a larger view :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Scrap Review

The Scrap's new! Check out this brand new website. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us scrappers. They have some awesome talent working for them....check 'em out!

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Creative Scrapbook - Main Kit - My Minds Eye Bella Bella

The main kit at features the Bella Bella collection from My Minds Eye...this kit is AMAZING... there are over 100 blooms in this kit! All four layouts and the card you see here only used about 1/2 the flowers in this kit!

This little outfit that Larissa is wearing is a traditional dress wear for the Karen tribe from Burma. We befriended a large family that was living in a refugee camp in Thailand for 12 years due to genocide in Burma. They recently came to Canada and they have little ones that Larissa loves to play with. The mother of the children wrote to her church members in the refugee camp and described Larissa and told them her size etc. and they hand made this dress for her and sent it over. It just brings tears to my eyes that they would do this. Larissa proudly wears this dress to church and looks so cute wearing it alongside her little Karen friends.

This wee newborn is my new niece Amilia. To create the frame of flowers, I cut the Prima flowers in half and tucked them in under the distressed paper. I glued them in with hot glue and then added Stickles to the edges of the blooms. Then I added a layer of the smaller white flowers tucked in behind the larger pink blooms.

I did the same technique with the blooms to frame this photo of Larissa when she was just 3 months how the time flies!

This is my sister Sarah and her boyfriend...I'm sure this layout will disappear from my pile and sneak it's way into her album fairly soon ;)
And here is a card that I made to use up some of the scraps :)

My Creative Scrapbook - Flirty Limited Edition Kit

One of my favourite things from winter CHA '09 was the Prima Flirty line so I was THRILLED to be able to work with this line for the Limited Edition kit by My Creative Scrapbook.

Fantasy Butterfly: Last summer, Larissa had her face painted as a 'fantasy butterfly' at the Moncton Zoo. She just loved it. It was so hot that the make-up didn't really dry and smudged all over the place but it sure made her happy at the time.

These Prima flowers are cut in half and tucked under the layers of pattern paper. I also got to try the Prima Say it in Pearls for the first time...... I think they are my new favourite scrappy product!!

Beautiful girl: Another layout using the Prima Flirty kit. I layered the pattern papers and cut them with my Martha Stewart scalloped rotary cutter (I'm on my third scallop rotary cutter since last fall!) I used my circut (opposites attract) to cut the title.

And here is a little card that I made using up some of the scraps :)