Friday, March 20, 2009

It's all about the moon

It appears that my daughter has a slight obsession with the moon. I have scrapbooked a few layouts about the cute things she has said about the moon and I have a few more to do still.

This is not a new layout. I actually made it well over a year ago but I just wanted to include it along with another 'moon' layout.

Here is the journaling so you'll understand the title.

(setting...a couple Sunday's ago driving home from Grammy''s dark out...and my almost 3 year says.....)

Larissa: Momma, where the moon go?
Mom: It's right there in the sky.
Larissa: That the moon Momma?
Mom: Yes baby, it's not full tonight, it's a 1/4 moon (crescent)
Larissa: Oh. Where the moon's eyes go Momma?
Mom: Eyes? The moon doesn't have eyes baby. (laughing)
Larissa: YES!!! The moon have eyes! The moon have brown eyes Momma.

Gotta love how a toddler sees the world. I just loved that conversation so much that I wrote it down as soon as I got home.

It makes the moon happy:
Journaling: It was a warm November afternoon and the moon was already in the danced outside in your tutu and said “Let’s dance for the makes the moon happy”. So together we danced for the November moon. 2008

Mostly Prima goodies used here :)
Believing, never forgetting....

This was a really fun, girly/romantic-ish layout that I made using mostly Prima supplies. I did some journaling on the side:
I have had a lot of inquires about this cute little bird. He is a cut out from a children's book that I bought second hand. I keep a couple old books in my craft room and use the images as embellies.

For the title of the layout, I used a Prima Paintable and coloured the back of it with a pink photo marker.