Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let's Capture Our Memories

I wanted to share another kit with you. This is the March kit from Let’s Capture Our Memories. I was really excited to working with the Material Girl papers from Cosmo Cricket.. Oh and this is aqua Coredinations cardstock with the dot print... oh la la.... this was my favourite part of the whole kit. I used my Making Memories sanding block to give the entire sheet of cardstock a good sanding so that the pattern would show up even better. I really need to get my hands on more of this paper. There are still a few kits here if you want to grab one!

Larissa has been wanting to learn how to sew. She had been asking me for some time but we just didn’t seem to have the time. Recently, she had a hole in one of her little shirts so we sat down and I taught her how to sew. I just couldn’t believe what a natural she is. She threaded the needle by herself and after I showed her a basic stitch a few times, away she went. She sewed the hole in her shirt completely by herself! I am so proud of her. Now she is wanting me to find more clothes with holes in them... I was actually a little paranoid that she would be making holes in her clothes just so she could sew them up. She has big aspirations for a 5 year old. She wants to learn to sew on a button and make a blanket too. My sewing skills are pretty elementary. If she keeps this up, she’ll surpass my sewing abilities by the time she reaches 6 years old.

This Crafter's Workshop is one of my most used scrappy tools. I use it on almost every layout. It sure beats running around the house and looking for plates and lids of various size LOL (I just know you have all done that at one point). If you don't have one of these templates, I suggest click on over to and order yourself one. You won't be disappointed. Yes, you have to draw your circle and cut it out but that is easy peasy! The template is see through enough that you can see what you are doing. It's light-weight, flexible and easy to take on the go. I total must have in my books. I used it to draw the circle on this layout before I stitched it.

abc, 123: This is my little miss sitting down at the kitchen table and doing her 'school work'. This is something that we have been doing since she was 3 and she absolutely loves it. We do abc's, 123's, beginner reading, critical thinking and reasoning skills, colours and shapes. It's something I started just to get her used to sitting still and concentrating on her work. We used spend about an hour a day when I was staying home with her. Now that I am back to work, we just squeeze it in when we have time here and there.

I used a new product on this layout. Smooch Spritz is another another misting product. I would compare it best to Maya Mist as the pigment is very strong. It has a lovely shimmer and it is a great quality product but I found the price point to be a wee bit too high. The other small drawback is that the bottle is actually glass and I was warned they are do easily break., although I haven't managed to break mine yet. That is not a mess I would fancy cleaning up after. I think I would buy it again if I found it for a more reasonable price. (I paid $9.00 for my bottle... and now that I see it at for less than $4. I feel like I was jacked!)

Crafty Kid: Well of course I have a craft kid! I know you expected nothing less. This girl has a craft supply to rival most adults and usually dips into her supplies on a daily basis. Some days her Daddy even sits down with her and helps her out. Lucky girl I say :)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Limited Edition Kit - My Creative Scrapbook

My Creative Scrapbook's May Limited Edition kit is another stunner! It is just filled packed with Fancy Pants Road Show including several beautiful transparencies, one of which is flocked! This kit has my all time favourite Prima flowers. The small pink ones and the beautiful whispy aqua ones. Ah but if only it was a magic kit and each time I reached in the bag more flowers would keep appearing :D

34: yip, that's my age *sigh*'s creeping up there now. DH, Larissa and Keaton baked me a cake for my birthday. I had to hide out upstairs (in my scraproom of course) while they baked it. It was fun to hear the kids impatiently waiting for it to cool down so it could be iced....and so it was iced while it was still a little too warm. LOL We had to light the candles several times so they could take turns blowing them out.

I left parts of the transparency without any backing so it is see-through which looks really cool when holding it up around a window... doesn't really show up in the album too well though.

Sleeping Beauty: This is Missy Rissy after a hard day's play. About once or twice a week she falls asleep in the car on the way home from daycare. I carry her in from the car and lay her down on the couch. When her Daddy gets home from work, he carries her up the stairs and she sleeps through right to the next morning. Yes, that about 13 hours sleep. She has always been a really good sleeper and now that she doesn't nap she seems to need a couple early evenings like this to catch up on zzzzzz's.

and a little tip for you....

It's really easy to create a lacey paper ruffle border for your layouts. First, cut 1" strips from pattern paper. I used the Martha Stewart doily punch here. After the strip was all punched, I accordion folded the entire strip. This is a really forgiving technique so you don't have to be overly fussy or even. Unfold the paper and adhere your lace paper to the layout. I used hot glue to attach the paper ruffle to the back of my layout.

The greatest of these is love: This is another page for the wedding album that I am creating for my brother and his beautiful wife. I am slowing picking away at getting this done but I need pick up the pace a little since they will be coming home for a visit in about 6 weeks!

And lastly, a little card that I made to have on hand for a wedding. I used some glimmer mist up in the corner and used a doily as a mask.

Now hopefully this is the last post where my white backgrounds aren't really white in my photos. I'm sure you have noticed how they are blue-ish or grey.... well one of my lovely sisters has promised to show me how to make them look proper white with a little photoshop trick. I am anxious to learn this because the not-really-white white has been driving me crazy!


Monday, May 10, 2010

My Creative Scrapbook

It's time to show off another album kit from My Creative Scrapbook. This month features papers and embellishments from Basic Grey's Green at Heart line. Before seeing a kit from My Creative Scrapbook, I never would have believed that there would be enough goodies in one kit to do a whole album.... well, now I know different! I made this mini album with lots of supplies to spare. These kits are absolutely jam packed.

The album that comes with this kit is a Maya Road bird cage... and it's just so fun to work with! I called this mini album Darling Anna and it is a gift for my sister. My sister has been focusing on her photography business and raising her three children so she hasn't had time for scrapbooking. Miss Anna needed a little scrapbook of her own so this was my little contribution.

Achieving this look with the paint was a total scrappy accident. I originally painted it brown but found it was too dark and just blah. I took some hot pink paint and flicked it across the brown painted chipboard so that it had pink splotches. Then I decided that I didn't like the brown and I wanted to paint it white. When I started to paint it white, my foam brush was much wetter than I realized so it was giving me a very white washed effect which I loved! I continued to paint the rest of the cover with the wet brush and I really like the finished product. After the paint had dried, I used Diamond Stickles and brushed them over the painted chipboard. (yes, and by brushing the stickles on, I mean that I smeared them on with my fingers LOL)

To achieve this pinched ribbon look is really easy. All you need is your trusty hot glue gun and low temperature glue sticks. I always buy the low temperature ones because it saves me from blistered fingers! I quickly run glue along the back of the ribbon and as I lay the ribbon down, I pinch it as I go along.
Changing the colour of your cardstock alphabets is really easy. Just take a marker and colour the letters while they are still on the backing, wait a couple of minutes to make sure they have dried and voila...brown letters (or whatver colour you chose).

This tip is to show you how I used the rubons from this kit to create embellishments. First, transfer your rubon to cardstock or pattern paper.

Fussy cut around the edges and voila, you have an embellishment to add to your page/album. The great part about using your rubons on pattern paper or cardstock instead of directly on your page/album is that you can give it dimension, have it coming off the edge of the page/album, layer it and embellish it much easier.

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Creative Scrapbook - May

It's time for another My Creative Scrapbook reveal!! May's main kit features Little Yellow Bicycle laundry line with beautiful spring accents. I really enjoyed the yellows and blues in this kit. The yellow die cut that came with this kit is one of my favourite shaped papers that I have ever worked with... I was secretly wishing the kit came with 3 of them!
Just Us: I snapped this photo of Larissa and her two little cousins on Easter day... yes, look at what these kids are wearing at the first of April!!! Usually the first of April we are still getting snow storms but this year we had an exceptionally early spring :)

New Ride: This photo is from early on Easter morning. The Easter bunny brought her this pink John Deere bicycle to play with. I really love the addition of the doilies to this kit. I used glimmer mists and chalks on them.

Egg Hunt: I am just now realized that all three layouts have photos from Easter day. Yes, I took a lot of photos that day! This was Larissa's very first outdoor Easter egg hunt. Actually, I don't remember anyone ever having an outdoor hunt on PEI before!! After this spring we will surely be spoiled and hoping we get more springs (and Easters) like this one was.

Happy Mother's Day: I am sure you can guess the purpose of this little card. I'm always frantically trying to whip up cards at the last minute so it's great to have this all ready to go with my mothers present on Mother's Day (along with her canvas as shown in my April 30th post)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Mother's day everyone!!