Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring Scrappers!

OK, two posts today because I just realized it was the first day of Spring! You would never ever guess it by looking outside.... in fact, I am going to grab my camera right now and run outside and show you just how un-springy it is here in little Prince Edward Island.

Alrighty, I am back from my little run outside. It's still very cold here (about -6 celsius today with a forecast of about -15 tomorrow with the wind chill)

Larissa's backyard swing set:
At least the snow is slowly melting...this is the first time we have seen the pavement in our driveway since November and it probably won't be completely gone until the end of April...maybe even May. Let's just say that Easter egg hunts are never held outside on PEI! LOL

On to less snowy things... Here are a few Spring layouts to share that are already in my gallery but most haven't been posted on my blog before. The 'spring' photos in these layouts are mostly photos that were taken in June..that's when things start to look pretty around here.

Be Happy: One of Larissa's favourite sayings is "BE HAPPY" when she seems that someone is upset or not smiling. I took this photo in a field of dandelions last June.

My daughter and nephew (Keaton) last spring...the sequence of photos is soooo cute....1st - she is crying and he won't share his Diego umbrella 2nd - he looks over to us grownups to ask 'do I really have to' and she is still crying 3rd - he very reluctantly shares his Diego umbrella... awwwww Journaling: Keaton didn't want to share his umbrella but after he saw how upset Larissa was he felt bad and decided to share. *A friend is someone who shares their umbrella when it is raining *

Oh my goodness...she looks so little in this photo. I have a feeling I am going to spend the next 20 years or so saying 'oh she is so little in this photo... where has time gone?'

And this layout can be found in the Spring volume of Canadian Scrapbooker. I used to have this layout on my blog but I took it off for publication.


Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Wow Amanda you have been a busy girl!!! I just adore your work!!The layout you did for CS is magnificent!! Great snow pics, but Spring looks a bit chilly there....brrrrrrr

Chelsea Ling said...

I like the umbrella one so much... the story behind it is totally adorable :)