Sunday, January 18, 2009

Top 8 of '08

I have thoroughly enjoyed cruising around blogs to have a look at everyone's favourite layouts of '08. Here are some of my favs from last year for different reasons.

This is a layout that I did while on bedrest after having my tonsils out last spring. All the calla lilies are stamped, hand cut, painted with watercolours, layered with hot glue and embossed with radiant pearls. The chipboard circle has sheer ribbon wrapped around it. A close up of the lilies is actually my blog header. I was just grateful to be playing with some crafts while laying on the couch for what seemed like forever when in all reality it was only a few weeks (a little longer than expected due to some complications). Although there is no journaling and nothing overly noteable about the photo (except that it is my beautiful girl) I enjoyed the creative process throughly.

I'm not quite sure what it is about this layout that I love so much...I do know that it sparked a love affair with my circle punches like none other. Now, almost every layout that I make has a punched circle on it somewhere.

Ah, and the superhero layout. Something about the graphic/comic book style has me lovin this. Of course, the amusing story behind the title also earns it bonus points.

There is just something about a sleeping child that makes us feel peaceful, content and probably a little relief! LOL To me this is one of those photos that is the embodiment of childhood....falling asleep on top of the covers for an afternoon nap while still wearing your flying fairy princess costume. *sigh* Stop growing up so fast wee one.

This is another that tugs at my heart strings. I snapped this photo of her while she was inspecting a flower. She just looked so tall and old for her ripe ole age of 3.25. Of course, that was last spring and now when I look at the photo I think, I thought she looked so grown up in this photo but she has changed so much since then. Why does childhood seem to fly by at warp speed?

Totally princes.... this past year came with an enormous increase in costume wear. I rarely made a trip to the grocery store or post office without being accompanied by Tinkerbell, a flying fairy princess, a unicorn, a skunk, Cinderalla, Snow White or an Eeyore (that was 2 sizes too small). I just love the progression of photos in this layout...from outside playing, to heading in the house and finally, passing out in total exhaustion and having a great afternoon nap. Of course, these photos made me step out of my comfort zone. I have a strong distaste for purple but I just couldn't get around it with the purple costume and all. Note to self: no more purple costumes!!! (I already avoid purple clothing whenever possible!)

This layout doesn't have any journaling at all but with a photo like this, who needs journaling !?! You know the saying...a photo of a father and daughter sleeping is worth a thousand words. This was one of my first layouts with a Hambly Screen Print and I totally fell in love with transparencies all over again. The Shakespeare quote on this layout is also on Larissa's bedroom wall above her crib (Wall Talk).

Our Kitty...Little Larissa is obsessed with kitty cats and when I saw this mask at the Dollar store...well, let's just say she ripped it from my hands and stuck it on her head immediately. I love the b&w/colour mix in the photos as well as the tearing. Something that I hadn't done in years but recently started all over again. You know, what they say 'what's old is new again'.

Here's to a scrappy 2009! I hope to accomplish at least as many projects as I did in 2008 which was approximately 250 layouts. Perhaps '09 will have me get my 250 layouts into albums....yes, they are all stacked up in my scrap room waiting to given their proper home. I suppose it would be a good thing to get that taken care before I embark on a journey of another 250!