Saturday, January 24, 2009

a little wall art

Friday nights I usually scrap with friends but this Friday we forewent the scrappiness for vinyl wall art made on the Cricut....and even though it was after midnight when I got home I just couldn't resist getting it up unto the wall and taking a picture!!! I made this with the home decor cartridge.

It's wasn't overly hard...but there were a few choice words.... and I did mention that if anyone ever wanted me to help them do this then they would have to pay me a thousand dollars!!!! LOL

Finicky....that's the word I would use to describe the process .

I did a mama birdie and baby birdie since it's usually Larissa and I hanging out there in the craft room.

Here are some tips just in case you'd like to embark on a vinyl journey:

~buy the transfer tape. It is also made by Provo Craft/Cricut and is usually sold right next to the rolls of vinyl. It makes adhering the image to the wall much easier. It would be virtually impossible to adhere a large image without the transfer paper.

~before you cut your image on your cricut, cut the image out of cardstock first as a 'test run'

~before you attach your vinyl to the transfer paper, take your pointy tweezers and remove the negative parts of the image and discard them.

~ read the instructions that come with the vinyl. They give you the exact settings for your cricut and you want to follow the directions to get a 'kiss cut' I think it was the blade set at 6 and the pressure at 2 and speed at 1. This way, only the vinyl gets cut, not the backing.

~make sure you are a in a good mood when you start this...maybe a shot of vodka would help as well. I'm not a drinker so a good ole Pepsi did the trick for me ;)


Melissa W. said...

It looks fantastic, though! Makes me want a Cricut even more than I already do, if that was possible!

Chelsea Ling said...

I've wondered about the vinyl thing, I've seen it at the store. Your little birdies are so cute! I don't think I would have the patience.

TraceyT said...

that is one fantabulous space!

Jenny B in Indy said...

I love this!
How large is it?
I have the Quickutz vinyl and it is much easier to use than the Cricut vinyl. (IMO)
I didn't even have to use transfer tape.

Chelsea Ling said...

did you add more photos to this post? I looove your space, I need to get organized so badly.