Friday, January 9, 2009

I will miss you - The Paper Attic

There is only one local scrapbook store in Prince Edward Island. A store I have loved dearly with wonderful staff and always the best up to date products. Sadly, the store will be closing this week. I will miss their crops and my many visits to their store to get my fix. Here are a few goodies that I picked up today on my last visit for shopping purposes.


Cin Cin said...

:( I am sad your LSS is closing.
I AM JEALOUS of the BLING you scored-SWEET! You DA WOMAN (mimicking the ikea closet commercial-LOL) SO what's your BIG news?

melw said...

It is sad to hear about your LSS closing!! But I have to agree with Cindy, that bling is awesome!!!!!

Chelsea Ling said...

I went yesterday... so sad :(

PEI Investments & Insurance said...

You have a real talent with your art work.

I like your movie selection