Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have the best hubby......

Ok, I don't know what it is about this page but I am so pleased with it... my fingers were just TWITCHING to add more but I wouldn't let myself... I really wanted this one to be about the journaling.

Shhh.....I never admit it to him but.... I love how he tells me that it’s bedtime. I love hearing him sing in the car, especially to American Pie. I love Sunday because he has the day off work. I love that he got so excited about Cricut’s Design Software and Sure Cuts A Lot that he learned how to use it first and then taught me. I love when he talks about world events. I love that he downloads all my favourite shows so I can watch them from the comfort of my scrapbook room. I love how excited he gets over ice cream. I love how he always skips stones and makes sand castles at the beach. I love how when he’s craving sweets he’ll bake a cake. I love how he values women’s rights and how he always says ‘if women were in charge, the world would be a better place’. I love how he cooks a turkey dinner just as good as me, including gravy and stuffing. I love how he always kisses me good-bye, even if I’m upset with him. I love how he still uses the wallet I bought for him when I was 16. I love how he always wears two different coloured socks - on purpose. I love that he still takes a peanut butter sandwich on his lunch everyday. I love that he enjoys eating cereal for supper. I love when he bursts out laughing. I love how much he loves kitty cats. I love that he takes bubble baths. I love that he already
knows exactly how I feel but laughs and teases me when I try to tell him. I love how much he loves me.


Chelsea Ling said...

Awwww!! This is so sweet :) Your husband sounds just lovely... of course he would be though or you wouldn't have married him!! hahah :) I love the colors you used, they're very bold.

TraceyT said...

This is so sweet. LOVE it.