Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Creative Scrapbook - September

Well, hurricane Earl has made his way through the maritimes and with very little damage (at least on PEI). I am forever indebted to this hurricane for taking away the hot air mass and humidity which was stuck over us for almost a week. So today, the sun is shining, the temperature is normal and we are off to enjoy the unofficial last weekend of Summer. Cavendish here we come!

I leave you with another gorgeous (and huge!) kit from My Creative Scrapbook. These kits are always a pleasure to work with and they never disappoint! Check out what my fellow DT members have created as well. I am sure you will find tons of inspiration from their work.

Adorable in every way

This is a photo from a beach trip this spring (yes, the warm weather was here early this year!) I have journaling underneath the bottom lace strip but I had to crop it off out of the photo because my layout was looking a little crocked the way I photographed it.

Note the glittered doily in this close up. I have a tutorial further down in this post showing you how to do this.

I actually stitched on that brown ribbon which something I never do! I would normally use my hot glue gun to make ribbon puckers but the hot glue would have gone right through this sheer ribbon. I placed pearls over the stitches to cover them up.

Rissy's Room

I made this little sign for Larissa to hang in her bedroom.

Heart Leaf

Larissa came in the house a few weeks ago and was very excited to show off this heart shaped leaf that she found outside (on her abenture as she would say...heehee) . She gave it to me and said it meant love :) Ever since that day, she always has a little glass sitting on the kitchen table that is filled with her heart shaped love leaves.


Fly: This is my little bird showing off her newest tricks on the trampoline :)

Here is a little tutorial on how to create these glitter/inked doilies.

Step 1) Assemble the products you will need. Glitter, ink, spray adhesive, scrap paper and of course a doily! A heat gun is optional but speeds up the process a little bit.

Step 2) Carefully ink the doily. I used pale colours to give it a soft effect. Just dab the doily carefully. Son't sweep the ink pad across the doily because it is delicate and tears easily.

Step 3) After inking the doily to your liking, place the doily on scrap paper. Use a large bag or box so that when you use the adhesive, it doesn't get on your work surface. Spray adhesive evenly over the doily. You will probably want to have a window open during this process because the spray adhesive smells quite strongly.

Step 4) Remove the doily off the scrap paper that was used for spraying the adhesive. Place doily on a clean piece of scrap paper and generously pour glitter over it. Shake off excess glitter and return it to the jar.

Your doily should look like this now but there will be one more step to seal in the glitter.

Step 5) Return the doily to the scrap paper you use spraying on adhesive. Spray another even coat of adhesive on the glittered doily to 'seal in the glitter. Carefully use the heat gun to finish drying the top coat of adhesive. Be very careful not to scorch the doily. (If you don't have a heat gun then you can leave the doily to air dry. It just take a little bit longer that way.)



TraceyT said...

What a clever trick with the glitter and doily. TFS. Lovely work. The new blog look is FAB!

Zoe said...

Beautiful projects.
Love the new blog!!! Finally your back in the land of blogdom!!! Missed ya. xxxx

Tanya said...

looks awesome!! TFS!

Tonya said...

It is all so beautiful, and catchy, in fact I keep singing over and over again "catch a falling star and put it in your pocket".... Great stuff Amanda!

Mano said...

I love your layouts, beautiful, I love what your made with these collections of papers and I wish I could realize so beautiful layouts
Kind rgds from Belgium

Chantal Anderson said...

WOW!!! What a great idea!!! I had a hard time finding good adhesive for my glitter...thanks for the tip.